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Monday, September 20, 2010

Tagaytay Zip Zoo Zip Line Thrills and Amazing Animals

There's a petting zoo in Tagaytay City in the Philippines where tourists can see animals like tigers, crocodiles, birds, monkeys, an alpaca, and many others, from different parts of the world. The place is called Zip Zoo and there's a good reason why. Apart from the animals, its other main attraction is the zip line and cable car. If you don't know what a zip line is, well, it's basically a cable where you slide from one end to another while supported by a harness - much like the kind used in hang gliding. If you ride the Zip Zoo zip line, you get a fantastic view of Taal Volcano (left)!

The Zip Zoo zip line is but one of two in Tagaytay that tourists flock to. Use of the zip line is included in the entrance fee. Tourists get a souvenir photo with a soft-wood frame after the ride, which is really a back and forth package. For one way, you use the harness and zip through the line like superman (below). But customers are given other ride positions to choose from. They can ride in a sitting or upside down position and can even have a kid riding on your back, like you're a horse! On the way back, you ride the cable car (top) and you get to choose between a "normal" easy ride and a "thrill" ride. The latter will give you real heart-throbbing excitement that you will never forget! You can always ask the resident alpaca, it knows!

When riding the harness or the cable car, it is best to keep loose items securely tucked in your pockets. If you wear sandals, the attendants will take care of them and secure them behind your back in the harness. If you plan on taking pictures while riding, make sure you hold on very tightly to your camera or cell phone. It is easy to let go of it while in the middle of the ride. For all it's worth, you get to see your gadget falling to it's doom for several seconds if you do let go of it!

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