Kamayan sa Palaisdaan Restaurant - A Treat by the Road

In Tayabas, Quezon, in the Philippines, there is a restaurant by the roadside called Kamayan sa Palaisdaan (Hand eating at the Fish Ponds). It is a popular treat to many motorists travelling to and from Lucban where the Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center by Father Faller is located. The restaurant serves traditional Filipino food and it's specialty, which practically everyone orders, is crispy fried lechon sa kawali. Other dishes are also a must to order if you are in the mood for a truly Filipino dining experience.

It's open day and night and in the morning, guests are treated to its quaint interior with tables fashioned from antique sewing machines (top). There are also sculptures around the dining area that will surely get diners' attention. Near the entrance is a peeing boy fountain statue (left) that will surely make you smile with amusement with its funny expression. There's also a wooden crocodile hidden underneath some shrubs; there's also a happy buddha staue in a corner of the stage. Of course, there are the floating restaurant tables (above) on water teeming with fish.In the evenings, restaurant guests can enjoy the performances of live bands.

From the parking lot, the dining area is accessible from stairs or a ramp for the eldery. A wheelchair is available for those in need, although convenient, the chair still has to go through a gravelly area to get to the ramp, and it can be quite a challenge pushing the wheelchair.

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