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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cream Dory Fish Farm in CamSur, Philippines

Mr. Galicia of the cream dory fish farm in Pamukid, San Fernando, Bicol.

Are you looking for cream dory fish for sale in the Philippines? Being an archipelago, the Philippines is a country with lots of fish and sea food. But one thing that's not native to it is the Cream Dory (Pangasius) fish, which is related to the catfish. In recent years fish and sea food traders have brought in the Cream Dory fish which is now bred locally in farms like the one in Pamukid, San Fernando, Camarines Sur in Bicol. It's all about Bicol being a perfect place to farm the fish. For many fans of fish in the Philippines, this is good news as the Cream Dory is something of a celebrity with it's exquisite taste that's perfect for many fish recipes. It already becoming as popular as the ubiquitous Tilapia.

The Cream Dory, a freshwater fish, used to flourish in the Mekong river in Vietnam. Because this river is polluted, it's been wrongly given the reputation as a toxic fish. But really, it's not the fish that's dirty - it's the water. So enterprising people did something that sent the Cream Dory to an all time high in the popularity level. They farmed the fish. Now, Cream Dory fish is being served as part of expensive dishes in countries like the Philippines.

Farmers are taking notice and they see a big sea food trading market opening up as the Cream Dory become better known to Filipinos (although it's a freshwater fish). Already it's being sold at SM supermarkets and restaurant chains. With Cream Dory fish farms being established in the Philippines like this one in and about Bicol (just beside the highway near the giant sardine can billboard in Pamukid), the Cream Dory fish and sea food traders will likely find new food outlets to supply. As prices go down, more Filipinos will be enjoying this delicious fish as a dinner table staple. Cream Dory fish is best served steamed with light soy sauce and leeks.

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