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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fish Stalls in Wet Market of Taytay Rizal

Wet markets (palengke) in the Philippines have a strange appeal. You don't really want to be there yet somehow, the experience enriches and energizes you. Even if you have no business there, you get the feeling that you've been to a carnival - like a kid who goes out on a holiday.

Crowded, hot, wet, and dirty - you'd get dark mud all over your feet if you don't walk carefully, you can't help but to soak in everything in a wet market, especially in the fish section, where everything's abuzz with activity. Tourists rarely ever visit the wet markets of the Philippines but it can be quite an experience and you get to see the things that people buy to put on the dinner table. You'll see lots of interesting things - fresh fish can literally leap out of their basins looking for an escape, but of course the store owner is there to keep them secure.

If you are a tourist and wish to experience the wet markets of the Philippines like the one shown here in Taytay, Rizal, then be prepared to wear light clothing, sandals, and avoid carrying bags that snatchers, slashers, and snatchers will find attractive. Do ask a local whom you know and trust to accompany you. When in the market, it's best to just keep walking unless you intend to buy something. Otherwise, you will be bumped by so many people you'll end up like a soaked rag.You'll end up sweaty, muddy, and smelly, but you get to experience something only in the Philippines.

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