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Maria Isabel Garcia and Her Science Solitaire Book

Maria Isabel Garcia is unlike other authors because, to her, the best thing about having a published book is not about getting rich from sales or leaving a legacy. For her, being a writer is more about the satisfaction of seeing a finished book get a life of its own. She is a natural explorer who writes about what she sees around her, connecting her observations in life with science. Her inquisitive nature has led to become a science writer ofThe Philippine Star, a content author forRappler, and ultimately, the curator ofThe Mind Museum, an innovative science museum in the Philippines that adds to the reasons why it's more Fun in The Philippines.
Maria Isabel Garcia's first book isScience Solitaire: Essays on science, nature and becoming human. It's all about science, but the kind that is more personal and derived from her own personal experience of the world, which comes to her in a visual manner in her head.
Ideas do not come to her in words but in symbols that take on …

Jim Paredes and His 5th "Passion Night" Dinner When Strangers Get Together and Talk about Their Passion in Life

If you've deliberately searched online for "Passion Night" and "Jim Paredes," then it's likely you read a post of him online inviting ten people, total strangers, to join him for dinner to tell stories of what excites them in life. What is your passion?

I was fortunate and honored to have been a part of the 5th Passion Night Dinner of Jim Paredes held at his residence in Quezon City on May 1, 2015 (Labor Day). It was something that I did not really expect although I did think it would be cool. I had reservations about attending, but it was an adventure of sorts and in my opinion, was also the thrill that Mr. Paredes looked forward to.

My adventure began when I saw a tweet of his inviting people to send him an email about what they're passionate about in life. He was going to pick only 10 respondents to join him for a dinner date. As a fellow writer, I thought he might be interested in reading what I had to say, so I wrote him an email. For several days…

Kinamat Resto Bar Silog and Budbod Menu (Angono, Rizal)

Kinamat Resto Bar in Angono, Rizal is a simple native eatery with a band area for guests to experience a little live music while dining or drinking with friends and family. It has a rustic ambiance with all the natural materials like wood, bamboo, and nipa, used in the building structure. Outside, traditional masks used in festival parades look out to welcome diners. One could easily pass by this restaurant without noticing it. There's just a gravel driveway where guests can park, but apart from the sign hanging from a bamboo post and what's painted on the front wall, one would think that it's not a restaurant at all, but people do frequent the place and word-of-mouth gets around. When kids hear about the shark lamp, they all want to see it with their own eyes, though it's only made of fiberglass, maybe.

Kinamat Resto Bar is simple, informal, quaint, and a local favorite, which means tourists have nothing to lose by checking out the place and ordering local food favor…

Pinoy Robust Supplement for Men Secrets Revealed

Many men in the Philippines as well as men from places like the United States and the UK of course, look to enhance their virility and performance by exploring exotic herbal solutions mostly available in Asian countries. In the Philippines, some of the popular male enhancement products are the Lee MF-Rhino and Honey Moon teas, but there's another brand that few men realize actually leave a lasting effect on their manhood. It's Robust Dietary Supplement for Men and its combination of mostly exotic Asian herbal ingredients is guaranteed to uplift men and their special member for hours at a time. If you want to know more about the secret of its ingredients, then read on.

Robust Dietary Supplement for Men is marketed in the Philippines, as the name reveals, as a supplement, but it's no ordinary supplement. It's a supplement with ingredients specially combined and formulated  to enhance male sexual performance. Essentially, it's like herbal Viagra and it's got a lo…

Batchoy Noodle Soup Is for Tourists to Taste in The Philippines

One of the noodle soup dishes popular in the Philippines as a merienda meal is batchoy, a noodle soup which includes slivers of braised pork meat with crunchy skin, liver, and shrimp steeped in a salt, pepper and egg noodle broth flavored with sauteed garlic and onions. It's simple but flavorful with a perfect blend of ingredients that tease the taste buds with every sip of the hot broth. It's an oriental in style but distinctly Filipino. Batchoy, is a dish that Western tourists (Americans, British, etc.) should taste and experience because it's unlike the usual noodle dishes from other Asian countries.

Batchoy originated in the Visayas region. According to Wikipedia, it was first made in La Paz in the province of Iloilo by someone named Federico Guillergan, Sr. in 1938. Whether he's the sole originator, it's hard to say, but what did happen was batchoy became Iloilo's signature dish and is now popular all over the country. It's particularly more enjoyable…

Balaw Balaw Exotic Food Restaurant Art Gallery in Angono, Rizal

Balaw Balaw is a native specialty restaurant in Angono, Rizal in the Philippines that doubles as an art gallery. Established by local artist and crafstman, Perdigon Vocalan and his wife, Luzvimin in 1982, Balaw Balaw became known for its menu which includes adobo crickets and timber grubs. If you're a tourist looking to experience a new and challenging culinary adventure in the Philippines, then this is the place to go to. You can find Balaw Balaw restaurant along the Manila East Road near the corner of Doña Aurora Street in Doña Justa Village in Angono

There are plenty of the surprises inside the Balaw Balaw restaurant. There are several floors and rooms that are open to guests where they'll find all sorts of wood and paper sculptures and also paintings depicting local culture. The house itself is a wonder to behold with it's winding staircases and local antique charm. You can start your exploration in the dining area where there are already plenty of installation art an…