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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The First Maid Cafe in the Philippines

This is Meidolls, the first maid cafe in the Philippines where the waitresses are dressed in cute maid costumes worthy of an anime cosplaying party. Meidolls is at the second floor of the building just across the Rublou shopping plaza near the Brookside jeepney stop in Cainta, Rizal (UPDATE: In 2012, the restaurant had moved). You can see the interior of the restaurant from the outside of the building through a long glass wall fronting the road. The management of the cafe had relocated to this front unit from a smaller one on the same floor that's hidden from view.

The interior of the Meidolls maid cafe is quaint with a television in the corner where a maid or two usually sings or dances. The large counter in one corner is where all the food is prepared and served from for ease of service. The restaurant has just enough room for maybe two or three groups of people and a few pairs along the side. The tables and chairs have short, or no legs at all, to simulate an authentic Japanese dining experience. Once you open the door, the "maids" inside greet you in traditional Japanese fashion and attend to you almost immediately; at least, as long as they're not busy attending to other guests.

The maid servers call all diners "master" and they are summoned with the ring of a counter bell on each dining table. Just tap the bell and they come to fulfill your dining needs. They can even perform a little song for you (see images), if the timing is right. It's all about fun dining and you can even play an eating game - with a corresponding order of course! Meals are easy to eat and fun to look at. The colorful menu says it all. If you want to, you can even have your meals prepared to go. But then if you do that, you miss all the fun.

UPDATE: In 2012, the Meidolls maid cafe restaurant closed down.

Boracay, Wet and Wild in October

This is a Queens Blade Airi Black Maid Costume Statue just for you maid-loving anime figurine collectors. It's impeccably detailed and you know at a glance that she's a maid. The question is if she's out to serve or out to serve your head on a plate! Click here or on the image to order this fine anime maid statue with a huge scythe for your collection!

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