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Friday, August 13, 2010

Honey Moon Tea or Lee MF-Rhino Tea: Which Is Better for Libido?

 In the Philippines, two libido boosting teas are making wavesHoney Moon Tea and Lee MF-Rhino Tea. Readily available at Mercury Drug Stores, these teas are manufactured by Tai Ping Trading Co., Ltd. (Honey Moon) and Wei Hui Trading Company (Lee MF-Rhino), respectively. Both companies are based in Hong Kong. Advertising for these products have been minimal, being confined to magazines like FHM men's magazine and others, but awareness of these products have been spreading by word of mouth and sales are constant, even as people talk about these libido products in hushed tones.

Many people are curious to know what's in them and if they really work to increase libido. In a post on Lee MF-Rhino Tea, also in this blog, A Taste of the Philippines, some of the questions typically asked by people about that product have been answered. But many have also been asking about the Honey Moon Tea, and this article should be able to shed some light on the product and its ingredients. It does not go into details about the specific ingredients, though. But it should be enough.

First off, you should know that the ingredients of Honey Moon Tea and Lee MF-Rhino Tea are essentially the same. Only the spelling of some terms are different, such that “Epimedu” in Honey Moon Tea is spelled as “Epimedii” in Lee MF-Rhino Tea. In fact, if you look at the packaging, you will see that the descriptions are also similar and use the same words. Most of the components are herbal, with the exception of antler.

The sachets also use the same Chinese artwork on Chinese Emperor Kao Tsung and his wives. But, only the Lee MF-Rhino Tea packaging says that it's “for men,” although the Diamond Laboratories distributor site says Honey Moon Tea is a “Love Potion for Men.” The FHM ad also says "Herbal Tea for Men." Even with the same basic ingredients, the components of Honey Moon Tea are actually greater than those in Lee MF-Rhino Tea in terms of weight. We can assume that Honeymoon Tea is much stronger than Lee MF-Rhino Tea—which is perhaps why it is also more expensive.

The following list the ingredients of both Honey Moon and Lee MF-Rhino teas. You can see here which ingredients are shared by both brands and which ones are unique to the other.

Honey Moon Tea                                    Lee MF-Rhino Tea

Herba Epimedu leaves               .525 g    Herba Epimedii       .325 g
Herba Cyanomoru stem            .525 g    Herba Cynomorii    .325 g
Woodwardia Japonic                 .500 g    NOT INCLUDED
Fructus Polygalea                       .475 g    Fructus Polygalae  .300 g
Yang Gong Cao aerial                 .425 g    NOT INCLUDED
Radix Polygalea root                  .425 g    Radix Polygalae      .325 g
Semen Astralagi Complanati  .400 g    Semen Astralagi      .250 g
Radix Ginseng root                     .400 g    Radix Ginseng          .250 g
Pilose Antler antler                     .325 g    Pilose Antler             .125 g
NOT INCLUDED                                             Rizoma Cibotii         .325 g
NOT INCLUDED                                             Rizoma Drynariae  .275 g

You can see that two ingredients in Honey Moon Tea, Woodwardia Japonic rhizomes (wasabi) and Yang Gong Cau aerial are not in Lee MF-Rhino Tea. On the other hand, Rizoma Cibotii (for back and knee aches) and Rizoma Drynariae (for bone strength), are not in Honey Moon Tea.

The ingredients of Honey Moon Tea and Lee MF-Rhino Tea are used in traditional Chinese medicine. They do not necessarily simply increase libido. Some of them are used to treat various ailments, which may be circulatory or respiratory in nature. But generally, the ingredients appear to be put together in these products as energy boosters. Herba Epimedu increases testosterone in the body. Testosterone is basically the hormone responsible for libido, and increasing the level of this in the body also works to increase sex drive in both men and women.

Both Honey Moon and Lee MF-Rhino teas come in granular and semi-powdered form. If you sprinkle a few grains on your tongue, you will find that both products are slightly sweet to the taste. But you should only use about half a cup of water with the contents of a sachet, otherwise, the tea will taste bland. Otherwise, just add sugar.

Drinking a sachet of Honey Moon Tea produces a stimulating, but mild, effect. It's not like the sensation that caffeine in coffee produces but it kind of gives a warmth that begins in the chest and neck area and moves outwards to the body extremities. After ten minutes or so, you may feel a warmth on your face and hands. You may feel a tingling sensation in the body and this may be “uplifting” for both men and women. It's at this point that you know the tea is working its magic on you, and/or your partner. With a little creativity, you can capitalize and even maximize this effect.

As of this writing, Honey Moon Tea costs P91 per sachet at Mercury Drug store, compared to Lee MF-Rhino Tea, which is available in a thee-sachet promo pack for only P75. If you're wondering which is better to purchase, then it's likely Lee MF-Rhino Tea. Why settle for one sachet when you can have three that contains basically the same things as the other brand? Just add more than one sachet to your glass or mug and you've got a more potent brew! Be careful that you do not overdose and always test first to see if you are allergic to the teas. Always consult a real doctor about taking health supplements.


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