Batchoy Noodle Soup Is for Tourists to Taste in The Philippines

American and British tourists should get a taste of batchoy in the Philippines.

One of the noodle soup dishes popular in the Philippines as a merienda meal is batchoy, a noodle soup which includes slivers of braised pork meat with crunchy skin, liver, and shrimp steeped in a salt, pepper and egg noodle broth flavored with sauteed garlic and onions. It's simple but flavorful with a perfect blend of ingredients that tease the taste buds with every sip of the hot broth. It's an oriental in style but distinctly Filipino. Batchoy, is a dish that Western tourists (Americans, British, etc.) should taste and experience because it's unlike the usual noodle dishes from other Asian countries.

Batchoy originated in the Visayas region. According to Wikipedia, it was first made in La Paz in the province of Iloilo by someone named Federico Guillergan, Sr. in 1938. Whether he's the sole originator, it's hard to say, but what did happen was batchoy became Iloilo's signature dish and is now popular all over the country. It's particularly more enjoyable during the rainy season when piping hot batchoy can be a warm companion.

Inside the Eskina batchoy restaurant in the Sta. Lucia mall.

Pictured here are bowls of hot batchoy served at the Eskina Ilonggo Manukan Seafoods at Batchoy restaurant at the Sta. Lucia mall along Marcos Highway in Cainta, Rizal. Since opening, this restaurant has become one of the more popular merienda or mid-afternoon snack establishments to go to when people are craving for a fix of batchoy noodle soup. If you're an American or British tourist, looking to experience Filipino cuisine, don't forget to get a taste of batchoy. This is just one of the restaurants that specializes in batchoy.


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