Popular Vegetable Stall in Taytay Market

There’s this vegetable star in a corner of the Taytay public market in Rizal that’s a favorite of vegetable buyers. It’s tucked in a lonely and less crowded corner of the market where few buyers go, but for those in the know, the prices of vegetables here are actually lower than what’s set by the other stalls. It’s near the fish stalls (left), so it’s not that hard to find.

If you happen to be buying your food at the Taytay palengke, then why not drop by this stall and see what cheap veggies you can buy for your lunch or dinner meal. The walk to the stall may be muddy, but it may be worth it, if you want lower prices. Note that the stall may move in time, so if it is not there, you may look around and simply compare prices before buying. It may take more time, but that’s just the way to go to get the best products that money can buy in a market in the Philippines.



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