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Friday, August 6, 2010

Pretty Anime Cosplayer Hurts Leg Posing at the Megamall

This cosplaying girl who attended an anime festival at the Megamall looks pretty much like the anime character she’s portraying in all her glory, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have the powers to go with the outfit. Posing for too long and too frequently for photographers and curious onlookers has taken its toll and she hurt her leg.

The girl’s cosplaying companions looked on with amusement as she tried unsuccessfully to stand up. Eventually, they tried to help her out, but it still took a while for her to recover. It just goes to show that a costume of a superhero does not guarantee you super strength or the endurance that go with extended posing.

There were lots of other cosplaying young people walking around looking either fantastic or goofy in their anime costumes. But it was all well and the costumes and characters of the cosplayers, young and old alike, provided a surprising and refreshing Saturday for mall-goers who were very much amused by all the crazy-looking get-ups. It appears that cosplaying in the Philippines is finally getting the attention and popularity it deserves! It adds more color to the local culture that young people will certainly find attractive.

Here is the pose that was the cause of the injury!

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