St. Joseph Church Thrives along Busy Aurora Boulevard

The St. Joseph Church and Shrine in Quezon City in the Philippines thrives in spite of the fact that it is in front of congested and polluted Aurora Boulevard. Visitors there will be amazed at how the shiny altar is kept maintained with the metal adorning it still gleaming despite the corrosive pollution from the road. The huge stained glass windows along the sides and rear make it seem that the church is somewhere peaceful and far from the urban din outside. When the choir is singing, the noise from the jeepneys and other vehicles outside are reasonably subdued.

At the time these photos were taken, a priest was conducting a healing session with parishioners. In spite of the long lines, the priest did not hurry his prayers or rushed the faithful along.He gave each one the honor of his time in healing. The scheduled days for healing are one of the reasons why this church is a very popular place of worship. It's right in the middle of a commercial district where commuters and pedestrians frequently pass and the noise and smell of exhaust from the street can be distracting. Nevertheless, church goers still consider it a good church to hear mass in.


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