Mayon Volcano Greets Air Travelers to Legaspi City in Bicol

What could be a better greeting for air travelers to the Bicol region in the Philippines than being greeting upon landing in Legaspi City airport, by majestic Mayon Volcano? Yes, locals say the volcano shows it's whole beauty very rarely as it is often shrouded in clouds. Consider yourself lucky to get a glimpse of it's smoking crater as your airplane lands. The name Mayon comes from the local term for beautiful, maayon.

Sometimes, the pilot will fly close to the peak and will announce that you can take a peek out the windows (usually on the left) to get a really close look at the summit of Mayon Volcano. It's active, so you'll be treated to while smoke and gas coming out of its crater. You will also be able to see the blackish lava flow that has hardened coming down the slopes. During eruptions, the crater spews rolling balls of exploding lava and it can be a spectacular sight from the ground! Upon landing, you will be able to see Mayon on the right side, but it will be much farther away (top; left).

Please click on the images for a bigger picture!


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