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Sunday, August 8, 2010

House Gecko Lizard Eats Rice on Table in the Philippines

Here is a gecko lizard who knows how to beg for food just like a pet dog. The occupants of the house have called it Bart. He has a partner called Maggie. Their names come from the cartoon series, The Simpsons. Don't ask for an explanation; the names just suited them well. Anyway, every time dinner is set, either Bart or Maggie will come down from the ceiling and peek from under the oven toaster. It all began when Bart was seen frequently, patiently waiting under the taoster as people ate at the table. He would look at people like he's begging to be fed.

One night, a pinch of cooked rice was placed on the table in front of Bart. At first, the gecko was cautious and only took tentative bites at the clump of rice before quickly hiding under the toaster again. Night after night, rice would be left in front of the toaster at dinner time and this spunky gecko will go out and snap it up. It's the only food it prefers. Later, his companion, Maggie, also came down to eat at the table. Only one lizard begged at a time. The two are never seen eating together at the table.

Once, Bart was given plain white rice and canned tuna paella rice to choose from. He licked the flavored rice a bit, but he didn't eat it. He then went for the plain rice. He definitely knew the kind of food he likes. Some nights, Bart will not be at the table, although Maggie will be. But unlike Bart, Maggie prefers to take the rice on the table after the poeple have left the table and when no one is around. Here are pictures of how Bart, the house gecko lizard eats. The video below shows a gecko, going out of hiding to nibble at the rice.

The Philippine house gecko lizard is related to the Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko) or tuko (left), a larger nocturnal lizard that largely lives in the woods and rocky areas like cliffs (it is sometimes found in houses). The tuko is considered endangered because it's hunted to be sold as medicine in many parts of Asia such as China. It is also kept as pets by some people although this practice is frowned upon and is illegal without a permit.

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Anonymous said...

We have several of these lizards at home. They were shy at first but became quite bold when they realized they were safe. The lizards at home don't beg - they invite themselves to the table. I had to get rid of sandwiches many times because the lizards had helped themselves to my plate. They are wonderful, fascinating creatures... save for their poop which leaves a nasty mark on the walls.

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