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Friday, September 10, 2010

Punta de Fabian Resort in Baras, Rizal Has Great View of Laguna de Bay

Rizal is one big place. It's not exaclty a province separate from Metro Manila, since a big part of it is still well within the urban sprawl of the metropolis, but the fringes are pretty much rural. Lots of resorts are in Rizal and most of them are set either high in the hills or near Laguna Lake (Laguna de Bay). The lake itself is not fit for swimming because it is murky with lots of fish pens. However, the lake does provide a great view (top) and many tourists will find this a good alternative to Tagaytay where Taal lake is viewed.

Shown are portions of Punta de Fabian resort in Baras, Rizal which is a part of Tanay. It is small and is on top of a small and rocky hill. You will need a powerful engine to get to the top since there is a very steep but brief climb after you pass the guardhouse. There are two swimming pools (one small; another an infinity-type) and quaint cottages, most of which have great views. It's ideal for weekend trips with the family and corporate trainings, workshops, seminars, and team-building. The management is courteous and will go out of their way to help out clients with their needs.

The resort has facilities for indoor sports like darts, table tennis, and billiards in the game room. Conference rooms are convenient and spacious and are a short walk to the dining area where clients get treated to packaged European-style meals (below). There is also a videoke bar to release your hidden singing talents. When it rains, it pays to be careful when walking on tiled steps and the mud, both of which can get very slippery.

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