Balot Duck Eggs Bring Good Luck with "Bato" Fish

Balot is a common snack in the Philippines. It's boiled duck egg with a developing duckling chick inside. A balot is usually served with rock salt. It's said that eating balot can make your knees strong and prepare you for a lot of action. Here, a pair of balot that were bought from a roadside vendor are opened, revealing small dark-feathered ducklings still surrounded by the yolk and white. The third egg is called penoy, because it does not have an embryo inside. It just looks like a normal chicken egg with white and yolk.

The prized part of the balot is often the yolk, which is tasty, but some prefer the young duck, as long as it's not too big and the bones are still soft. Although popular as a nighttime snack which is often eaten with liquor during cold nights (balot sells well during Christmas), there are still a few who can't stand the sight or thought of the young duck inside being eaten. The appearance of the shelled balot is not actually appetizing either with the blood vessels and all stuck to the sides. Nevertheless, it's still a good meal high in protein and fat.

Interestingly, the two balot eggs shown here revealed hardened egg whites called "bato" (rock) shaped like fish! This is an auspicious find especially in Oriental regions where brightly-colored fish are regarded as beings that can help you enter altered states of consciousness where good vibrations allow the materialization of prosperity in life. It's said that whoever dreams of or finds fish (such as golden koi carp fish) in unlikely places will have good luck in terms of abundance - in other words, there are riches coming!

If you're reading this post, then consider yourself lucky! Good fortune will come to you soon enough. Just gaze at the balot fishes, make a good wish, spread the URL, and link to this post. If you believe, your wish could come true and your luck will multiply! ;-D

Auspicious "good luck" golden koi fish at Nuvali (Sta. Rosa, Laguna) entertain tourists

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