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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Pan de Coco: Humble Filipino Bread

In the Philippines, the most popular bread is pan de sal. But do you know what the second most popular bread is? For many Filipinos, this would be the pan de coco. The pan de coco is a small, round bun with a cavity inside that’s filled with a ground coconut jam which is sweet and chewy.Usually, there are lots of sweet shredded coconut inside, although some bakeries save by adding just a little. Pan de coco is popular throughout the year but it's likely more people buy them during Christmas and the new year.

Each pan de coco bun can be eaten in about five bites and provides a very satisfying snack if two or three are eaten. Pan de sal is usually eaten in the morning, but pan de coco is a kind of all day bread and may be eaten as a dessert. If you haven’t tasted pan de coco yet, then maybe it’s time that you try it. Once you eat one, it’s hard not to be tempted to eat another, and another, and another, until you are full. That’s how delicious and satisfying pan de coco can be.

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