Holy Week Catholic Procession in Quezon City

Holy Wednesday night at a church in Sikatuna Village in Quezon City (earlier photo, top and left). The procession of the holy icons is ready to begin as the mass inside concludes (photo; bottom). Such processions are held all over the country during Lent in the Holy Week. Procession like these go around the community of the church with the participating parishioners carrying candles and praying in recollection of the sacrifice and death of Jesus Christ as the savior of humankind. In some processions, the faithful also sing, even when the usual church songs are sung in a different tune.

Unfortunately it is also during the Holy Week that Filipinos also flock to the beaches to unwind and spend time with family in outings planned months ahead. For many Filipinos who have to work, the four days of holy days are the only time in summer that they can have a break apart from any leave of absences they may still have left. It's a commpn quandary in the Philippines, whether to focus on the spiritual first or to satisfy the needs of the body and mind in order to recuperate from the stresses of work.


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