Perfect McDonald's Hotcakes

Here are two hotcakes ordered at a MacDonald's branch at a mall in Quezon City the Philippines. It's rare, but hotcakes can sometimes be so immaculately perfect in shape and color that you just have to take a picture of them. These hotcakes only have a slightly darker and mottled center, which make the one on top look like an eye. But that's okay, it still tastes like a hotcake!

Pancakes or hotcakes, as they are called by McDonald's, have become a popular fastfood breakfast item in the Philippines. They are served with thick syrup and a sachet of Anchor butter. Each order has got a good serving of sugar and fat so you do have to watch your diet if you decide to order some hotcakes. This serving of hotcakes comes with a plastic fork and spoon and placed in a styrofoam container (like the one shown at left). Some years back, the food court of the mall had stopped using regular washable plates in favor of styrofoam and plastic utensils.


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