Slice 'N Dice Steakhouse Rice and Gravy Meals in Quezon City

Slice 'N Dice is a steakhouse in Metro Manila that's getting to be popular because of it's gravy rice meals. There's one along Kalayaan Ave. in Quezon City. People often pass by it but seldom take the time to check what it has to offer but it has its gravy rice meal that come with sirloin, pork, and chicken sliced and diced toppings mixed with the rice.

The meal comes with a generous helping of gravy, which is something that Filipinos have grown to enjoy with chicken as a dip instead of as a side to rice. The gravy with the rice meals of Slice 'N Dice is to be poured on top of the rice while it's still hot. Then, you eat! The rice meal of your choice is light yet filling and its simplicity makes is a quick meal of choice if you're in a hurry or need a quick fix to get you going. If you wish, you can order one with fried or even scrambled egg. The gravy goes well with the diced and sliced beef, pork or chicken, but some people may simply prefer it with the chicken.



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