Ocean Adventure Animals Entertain Visitors at Subic Bay

At the Ocean Adventure marine park in Subic Bay in Olongapo City in the Philippines, animals like the trained and talented sea lion above never fail to entertain visitors. This sea lion show (top) gives a message of conservation to visitors by emphasizing to the audience the importance of recycling and proper disposal of trash which can be harmful to animals, especially those that live in the sea.

Discarded nets, for example, only become death traps for mammals like dolphins and other whales when they become hopelessly entangled and fail to surface to breath. The result is that they drown in the very element that they live in. For those of you who are unaware, dolphins breath air through their blowhole. The can hold their breath for a long time underwater, but they still need to go the surface to breath.

The small photograph (left) shows one of the Ocean Adventure dolphins performing for students and their parents on an educational field trip. The fish fed to the dolphins every time they perform is one way to keep them satisfied and make sure they are well rewarded for a job well done. Visitors can have their photos taken with the seal lions and dolphins at very affordable rates.


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