Hot Chili Ice Cream in the Philippines

Chili ice cream served at the 1st Colonial Grill
1st Colonial ice cream selections.
With so many ice cream flavors available, would you want to try chili ice cream? Yes, it's one of the strangest ice cream recipes out there and you can find some served at the 1st Colonial Grill in Legazpi City in Albay province in Bicol, Philippines. As a region known for it's chili pepper cuisine, ice cream made from hot chili peppers isn't surprising. Bicolanos are famous for their hot dishes, so if you're looking for ice cream that's really hot, you can find some in Bicol.

Where can you find 1st Colonial Grille? This restaurant famous for its exotic homemade ice cream recipes has several branches in Legazpi City. Just ask around and you'll be directed to one of the branches like the one at the Pacific Mall. Several unique ice cream flavors are available, such as Bailey's (the cream liquor), Kalamansi, Malunggay (Moringa oleifera), Tinutong (burnt rice), Pili (a native nut), Coffee, and Melon, but the most intriguing is the chili, or sili, ice cream, as it's called locally. But there's nothing silly about this homemade ice cream. It's seriously hot on top of its sweetness and creaminess. A spoonful of it will initially naturally feel cold in your mouth, but after several more, you will definitely taste the burning hot chili.

The 1st Colonial chili ice cream flavor is not for everyone, but if you're curious, you will need to have a few ice-cold glasses of water ready. You may give a cold shoulder to this chili ice cream, but this is the hottest homemade ice cream around town. If you'll be visiting Legazpi City any time soon to see Mayon Volcano, make sure you also drop by 1st Colonial Grille to get a taste of its amazing flavors of ice cream. It's cozy, laid back, and has friendly management and staff.

You can make your own ice cream recipe using chili. Just add blended chili into the mix! Learn the basics of making homemade ice cream here.

1st Colonial Grill manager gets friendly with customers.


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