Spooky Chapel on Haloween Night

Every year, on the first day of November, known as undas locally, people in the Philippines flock to cemeteries to visit their dead. At this time of year, all roads lead to memorial parks and public cemeteries. Where there's a cemetery, there's traffic and people - lots of them. Thus, all other places are left almost empty. The roadside Catholic chapel pictured here is one of them.

Locked securely behind an iron gate, it sits mute, silent but still inviting in its call to the spiritual and religious in Catholics. The lights left switched on at night gives the small interior an eerie auria, making the statues of the saints shadowy and gloomy. Nevertheless, the open bars of the gate still permit devout Catholics to pray. They just have to stay outside by the road. This chapel is in Hagonoy, Bulacan.

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