Shih-Tzu Dog Planking on a Giant Chess Board

A Shi Tzu dog does planking on a giant chess board.

Planking dog
Have you ever seen dogs for planking? You know - that craz-e planking thing wherein you lie flat and make your body rigid like a plank with your face on the ground? Yup, that kind of planking. Well, this dog, which appears to be a Shih Tzu, is one of the dog pets that are cute and happens to be also one of the great dogs for planking. It's a resident pet of a Christian retreat resort at the foot of Mt. San Cristobal in Quezon (Rizal Re-Creation Center) in the Philippines and one of its favorite lounging areas is this giant chess board in one of the gazebos.

If you happen to be looking to get dogs for pets that are cute, then the Shih Tzu is a nice choice. But this particular Shih Tzu is more cat in how it behaves, preferring to keep to itself and not mind you even if you try to get its attention. It goes where it pleases, ignoring the resort guests even when they come in droves. Once it lies down on the giant chessboard, it stretches out its hind legs flat on the floor like a plank. In this planking position, it's hard to tell the front from the rear of the dog even if you look closely. It's a good thing that this Shih Tzu's companion, a huge St. Bernard dog, doesn't mistake his little friend for a rag and sits on it.

Shih Tzu (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)


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