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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mutant Featherless Chicken in the Philippines

Unique, mutant featherless chicken found in Iriga, Bicol.

Featherless chicken shown off.
Have you ever seen a featherless chicken? Of course we always see them when the chicken is ready to be sold as food, but how about a real live chicken that's practically without feathers? Yes, a bald chicken. KFC new chicken, anyone? Well, there's one found in the province of Iriga in the Bicol region in the Philippines. Except for a few small tufts of down on it's wings, this chicken is categorically naked. It's one of a kind and is the "ugly duckling" of a brood. The other chickens don't seem to like it as they pick on it whenever it gets near them, but then again, most of them are roosters.

Anyway, this featherless chicken just goes about its daily business pecking at the ground in and around a compound. Anybody who sees it would think, "Hey, look. A defeathered chicken's escaped from the pot!" They wouldn't think that the chicken was born that way and that it was not tortured or maltreated in any way. It's come to be a popular mascot in the local neighborhood. The owners didn't have a name for it, so let's let's just name it Mystique, a name inspired by the naked blue lady from The X-Men movies.

The bald chicken of Iriga in Bicol, The Philippines

Can you imagine the possibilities of having featherless chickens around? That would lessen the cost of poultry products as there will no longer be a need to defeather or pluck chickens during processing. They'd be next to ready for the cooking pot. It could be the new chicken at KFC and other chicken restaurants or they can be exotic pets! Scientists have already produced genetically-modified chickens without feathers, but this one is different because it's naturally featherless. Watch this mutant featherless chicken on video.

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