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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mayon Volcano Viewed from Ligñon Hill

Mayon volcano viewed from Ligñon Hill. Zip line is visible.

Ligñon Hill Promenade.
Ligñon Hill Nature Hill in Legaspi, Albay, Bicol is one of the prominent landmarks, apart from Mayon Volcano, that greet folks who fly into the city. At over 500 feet high, it's prominent enough to be seen from a landing airplane because the runway lies at the foot of the hill. As a tourist attraction, it's strangely not that well known, even to some Bicolanos. Mayon volcano and the Cagsawa ruins take center stage.

Nevertheless, in spite of the better known attractions in Legaspi, Ligñon Hill is really a good place to start your tour of Legaspi. It has an old World War 2 Japanese underground bunker, zip lines, and spectacular views of the countryside from the top which includes beautiful Mayon Volcano, Legaspi City, and Daraga. A restaurant and walkways at the top provide visitors a pleasant environment to soak in the sights. A pair of coin slot outdoor telescopes provide good entertainment to kids and adults alike.

For the more adventurous, tourists can go rappelling or rent a bike or an ATV to explore the lower landscapes of Mayon volcano. For those who are less into taking such sports, they can simply take pictures of the panoramic views. Mornings and nights give especially great sights!

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