Bulalo Served in Tagaytay Is a Hot Treat

Tagaytay City in the Philippines is famous for it's meat market. It's said that the best meat in the province of Cavite can be bought at the Mahogany Public Market. The place is crude, but it's there where you can buy good beef meat that's affordable. In front of the market is a long row of eateries or turo-turo in the local language. The term literally means to point repeatedly, and that's exactly what a customer usually does when he points to the food he wants to order. In a turo-turo food store, what's on the menu is lined up front to make it easy for customers to see the food for themselves.

Shown here is the famous bulalo stew of Tagaytay City. It's basically a beef leg bone soup with long string beans and cabbages seasoned with salt and black pepper corns. It's simple, but it's delicious and perfect for hot, steaming rice. Everyone loves a bowl of bulalo in Tagaytay if the weather is cold. The bulalo meat may be dipped into fish sauce mixed with a local lemon called kalamansi. For some kick to the sauce, you can add some red chili. The bulalo pictured here was ordered from an eatery called Moi's Little Ronamar Canteen. It serves complimentary mini bananas on the table.

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