Boracay View from a Departing Plane

Barangay Yapak of Boracay Island from a plane departing from Caticlan.

It's hard to leave Boracay Island just when you're starting to have fun in the sun, sand, and shore! But when it's time to go, you just gotta go and the only final souvenirs you can get are the pictures of the island that you manage to catch as your plane departs. Shown here is a picture of Barangay Yapak of Boracay Island. It's where some of the more expensive resorts are located and you can see some of the condominiums and golf courses that go right down to where the white sand beaches are. See how the beaches are naturally partitioned in some areas? That should make the pockets created more private!

At the upper right side of the picture on top is part of Carabao Island, the larger neighboring land mass near Boracay that doesn't get as much media attention and hype. Here it is at the left in a picture that shows a complete view of the island. It appears more tree-covered unlike Boracay which has been developed into a mini cosmopolitan community. It was a fine day when these photos of Boracay and Carabao Islands were taken - one which came after consecutive days of dark clouds and rain.

What is Boracay in October like? Find out here!

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