Longganisa of Taal, Batangas in the Philippines

Pictured here are longganisa, a native sausage from Taal, Batangas in the Philippines. Here they are as they appear after cooking. Stir-fried, they serve as a satisfying meal, especially when served with rice. Different regions in the Philippines are known for their own version of longganisa, which originated from Spain centuries ago. As a former Spanish colony for 300 years, the Philippines adopted Spanish cuisine and longganisa is one prepared food that's kept its popularity over the centuries.

Longganisa is basically ground meat which may be pork, beef, or chicken stuffed inside intestines which are tied at the ends with a piece of string or reed. The size of the longganisa depends on the kind of animal intestine used. Tradition dictates whether each will be long, short, or balled. In Taal, Batangas, the longganisa sold in markets are dry, chunky, and meaty. They are sought by people from all over the Philippines for the distinct sweetness.

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