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Monday, October 18, 2010

Cafe Bialetti near the University of the Philippines: Quaint Alternative to Starbucks

This is the Bialetti Cafe somewhere in UP or Teacher's Village in Quezon City. It's just a small establishment that's big enough for small groups of people who just want to chill out with friends and hang out. It's right inside the village near the University of the Philippines (UP) and the Ateneo University where students and teachers alike live and breathe so it's an easy place to visit. Businesspeople and office employees find this establishment to be a fine place to relax or to have small casual meetings.

The price of coffee offerings of Bialetti are competitive yet still reasonably cheap, which makes it a second favorite to Starbucks which has a branch in nearby Matalino St. It's a franchise, so you can expect a lot of fine coffee products here. The staff of Bialetti is small which may require waiting for an order to arrive, but hey, it's a cafe! You're expected to hang around a bit to talk or do whatever it is you do while in a cafe. You'll find the water served at Bialetti fragrant with flower petals. It may not be the kind of water kids will enjoy, but it's a real treat apart form the usual fare of coffee!

What are tabliya balls?

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Cheap Visitors? Get into it!

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