Tricycles Overloaded with Passengers in Bicol, The Philippines

Cars are a luxury in the Philippines. If you don't have a car, you have the option of using public transportation like tricycles. Tricycles are supposed to serve only three passengers at one time, but because of the inadequate number of tricycles in certain areas, there's often the need for people to make the most of things. For tricycle drivers, it's loading more people than what their rig normally carry.

The practice of overloading tricycles isn't really advisable, but it's what's done in provinces like Bicol, where you will often see tricycles filled to the roof! This earns more income for the operator and in a way serves more people. The problem is that it's dangerous. Passengers can get snagged by all manner of things that hang over the road. Powerlines that dip low over the road can be a real danger, especially at night.


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