Biggs Restaurants in Bicol Feature Collectible Wall Exhibits

If you're looking for a fastfood chain in Bicol, then you won't miss Biggs. Biggs is just one of the most prominent restaurants/diners in Bicol where you can get the usual diner meals like chicken and rice, spaghetti, burgers, and delicious pastries. Bigss is everywhere in Bicol with branches from north to south. Eating at Biggs is an interesting experience because of it's quaint mid-20th-century-inspired interiors with antique collectibles displayed on the walls.

The branches provide a different experience for diners with the different pieces on display. A branch can be like a museum of modern artifacts. Shown below displayed on a second floor of a diner are miniature motorcyles. These can be found in the branch in Legaspi city near the airport. The signs on the walls (top; above-left) are also interesting to look at and are reminiscent of rock and roll designs from the nineteen fifties. The diner appears designed to cater to a young and hip crowd, but it's also popular to the oldies - maybe it reminds them of the old days.


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