The Mighty Ton Giant Hamburger at The Porch

Giant Hamburger of The Porch.
If you like hamburgers, a normal-size bun might not be enough for you to feel full. So this giant hamburger called The Mighty Ton from The Porch long Anonas Street Extension in Quezon City may just be what you need to be satisfied. Of course, if you're ordering for yourself, you'll likely only finish just an eighth of this monster, so be prepared beforehand to be intimidated by the sight of this hamburger and it's weight! It's called The Mighty Ton for a good reason.

Dig into this giant burger!
Apart from its huge size, it's not your usual hamburger because it does not use a typical patty. Instead of a hefty patty in the middle of those bun slices, you get beef flakes which remind you of tapas. If you choose to take on this burger, make sure you have at least 5 to 10 other people along with you. Otherwise you will have no choice but to ask for a takeout bag when you realize you just can't finish it. As a party burger, it's perfect for some fun eating with friends and family, especially with a hefty dose of French fries! The Porch is a restaurant by Casa Verde.


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