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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bread Looks Like Roasted Pig

Just like real lechon in Cebu, there's Pinoy bread shaped like a suckling pig baked and sold in the Philippines. You can call it Pork Bread or Piggy Bread if you want to. At first glance, you'd think this pork bread is a real honest-to-goodness roasted suckling pig.

A bakery in Cainta, Rizal in the Philippines, Joy Karen bakeshop (near Junction intersection), claims to be the originator of the Pork Bread. The owner says he's been baking such bread, which he simply calls "lechon" (Tagalog for roasted pig) for many years and that other breads shaped like a suckling pig are inspired by his creations. He doesn't use a pig roaster or even a lechon oven. A simple bread oven works well for him.

Learning to make your own recipe for lechon bread that looks like real Cebu lechon only looks easy and takes practice. The owner says he doesn't make his Pork Breads too large because the bigger sizes sacrifice quality. The Pork Bread is a special Pinoy product from Joy Karen and isn't always available. But when it does go on sale, it's always a hit and never fails to amaze people by how the bread looks like a real pig fresh from out from the pig roaster. Some ask the bakery how to make bread shaped like a suckling pig, but it's really best to just buy them, if you're not a fan of baking.

The Pinoy Pork Bread, tasty as it is, doesn't taste like real Filipino lechon as some people would think. It's actually slightly sweet and has chocolate chips inside. It's best eaten while still warm and families just love it as an afternoon snack. If you want to eat pork but can't take the fat, maybe this bread shaped like a pig, is the next best thing. It's the perfect recipe for lechon without the fat. It's an amazing tribute to Philippine lechon cuisine wherein the suckling pig is the star.

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