Kubo ni Ka Ipe: A Quaint QC Restaurant with a Creeping Plant Growing on the Nipa Ceiling

There is a quaint and small restaurant in or near Teacher's Village in Quezon City. It's called Kainan sa Kubo ni Ka Ipe. It's near Kalayaan Avenue and Malingap Street - 89 Malumanay st., to be exact, and it's interesting because it's got a creeping vine growing on the ceiling (see pictures on the left and below). It's said that the plant just crept inside and started to grow and it's now the main attraction of the eatery. It's got a nipa roof and wooden furniture which gives it an airy and refreshing nayon ambiance, especially with the wind chimes, seashell chandeliers, and big windows. It definitely has a rustic Filipino charm that's adorable.

The Kubo ni Ka Ipe is run by Nida Najera and was borne from her efforts catering food to her tenants. This led to the establishment, and turned space in her residence into something useful. The standard menu has the usual Filipino toppings like the "silogs" (rice meals with egg), but they also have house specialties like the dinuguan. Lunch "turo-turo" meals are also available. The restaurant caters to nearby offices and bilao pancit orders are popular for corporate events. Once you see the vine on the ceiling (left' below), you will really be impressed. Yes, it's the conversation piece on every table and you'll likely look at it more than the History Channel show on the television set in the corner.

If you're in the area, you might want to check out Kainan sa Kubo ni Ka Ipe with your friends, stay for a while and soak in the Filipino eating experience.You might even be able to identify the plant, if you're into botany or agriculture.


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